• Design

    Create a design and set a sales goal to kick off your event.

    Upload your artwork from your computer to your private Groupizo Account Library. Choose your favorite style and color from a variety of t-shirts and sweatshirts. Drag and drop it your artwork onto the front, back, or sleeve of garment you selected. It’s that easy!

  • Distribute

    Perfect for fundraising!  You design and distribute, we take care of the rest.

    Publicize your event. Let your supporters know why they should purchase your design, set your event’s run time, and choose when to go public. Broadcast news of your event through social and other media channels.

  • Profit

    We set the cost, you choose the selling price, and you keep the difference.

    Your event’s mission is to meet your goal number of shirts. The difference between the cost of the shirts (based on quantity reserved) and the selling price is YOUR profit! Whether you’re raising money for a cause or just earning extra cash, this step is where your hard work pays off.